A Scientometrics study of researches in Strategic Foresight

Document Type : Original Article


1 Ph.D. Student in Futures Studies, Supreme National Defense University

2 Professor in Shahed University


Foresight field tries to take the organization, society and country towards its vision and preferred futures, by use of systematic, logical, participatory approach and relying on comprehensive and strategic management of resources and capacities having a forward looking to the future, based on three pillars including futures studies, policy-making and strategic planning.
Review of researches conducted in this field is crucial for managers and researchers to achieve a systematic understanding of research activities to optimize management of future researches in the foresight and strategic foresight field. A review in Scientometrics literature emphasizes on the importance and necessity of Scientometrics in various scientific fields. Accordingly, the study of the conceptual network of researches in foresight and strategic foresight is also of a great importance. This Scientometrics study includes 1733 articles extracted from ScienceDirect database as input data of VOSviewer software to analyze the knowledge map and conceptual research network of strategic foresight and foresight researches and the trend of research products. The results show high co-citations between foresight and strategic foresight, and 10 keywords as the frequent cited and referred keywords in papers published in 1996 to 2020. Scientometrics research through citation analysis, effectively examines research topics and fields, researchers and keywords in the form of clusters whose results can be considered by managers and researchers for better management of future researches in this field. To take. This Scientometrics study provides a broad understanding of the status que of researches in the field of strategic foresight



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