Aims and Scope

The journal provides a powerful framework and set of techniques that allow for understanding trends and drivers shaping defense, exploring alternative futures in warfare, setting priorities, and formulating strategies for action. DFSR is a valuable source for strategists, commanders, futurists, and foresight practitioners who should be at the forefront of discovering practical ways to analyze future generations of warfare. The journal offers a much-needed forum for sound thinking about the future and technological innovations in defensive science and focuses on themes and issues shaping the future of warfare and defense, new quantitative and qualitative methods, as well as case studies with novel approaches. We welcome papers that consider the following areas:

  • Futures studies on the nature of future wars

  • Futures studies on Joint and Combined Operations

  • Futures studies on the field of tactics, techniques, operations, and combat organizations of defense-military units

  • Futures studies on the field of command and management in the scene of future wars

  • Futures studies on military-defense issues using forecasting models

  • Futures studies based on game theory and war gaming